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New year has come

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New Year has come!

Happy new year beloved in Christ! This season all over the world, people are celebrating the New Year. Some are celebrating with joy knowing that as Jesus lives it is going to be well even when others are not seeing the same. On the other hand, others are celebrating the year with mixed feelings regarding the year 2010 and its future. Whereas for others, this New Year is a reminder of loneliness, pains, fears, and failures they have experienced in the past. There are three groups of celebrants we could find. Where do you belong? The way each group celebrates the New Year is a function of the information fed into their mind in the past. The information they have inside their mind affects their celebration model and their celebration model for each group could be positioning them on how they will receive the year 2010. Either as a year of great opportunities, a year that will be filled with calamities, filled with curses and God’s judgments. How do you see this year?
The global crises should not make us afraid because we are not without covering in every arena of life as far as we are connected with Christ. Most of what we are seeing these days is a sign of the time, preparing for the second coming of Jesus Christ. God is sufficient to see us through even in the midst of all these, as far as we are found in His family circle the body. We should not allow the media to frame our thoughts and thinking, but only the word of God. We should not allow the half-truths coming from different places make us afraid. If there are things we should be so concerned with, it should be for the time in the word, time in His presence and time in prayer. These are places where our five senses are trained to process and judge what they are receiving to be able to let Christ remain the lord of our lives.
Our future and our progress are in the word of God and that is our life manual. The answers for the future are found there. It is the maker’s manual for man. That is where we could find out how to fix what should be fixed. We could not find all information of this life through the media.
By faith, you could accomplish far much more this year, than you could ever have done in the last 10 years put together, not only in health, but also in finance, relationship with God and every area of life. Unless you see through the eyes of your heart by the manual of God’s word you may not understand. Isaac experienced this increase by faith and you can too. When the Bible says you can do all things through Christ, you can indeed, but God will not force it on you. It is a matter of choice backed up with commitment.
Do you think because you failed several times in the past you will not be able to rise again? If this were so, the Bible would not have told us that the righteous could fall 7 times and would rise again. You may say you have fallen more than 7 times. The 7 times here does not literary mean 7 times, it also relates to the number of completion or perfection in the term of falling or failing. This is speaking of continuous falling or one who has perfected falling. I believe you have not reached that point and even if you have, the Bible says you can still rise again. It is just a matter of choice. Proverbs 24:16 for a righteous man may fall seven times and rise again, but the wicked shall fall by calamity.
What you need is simple; to get up and strengthen yourself in the lord as David did when they lost all their families and properties to the Amalekites who invaded Ziklag (1 Samuel 30: 1-19). At end all were recovered. Let us rise and be the salt of the earth that we are to be, as we patiently and prayerfully embrace the year 2010.
Once again happy New Year!


We are inviting everyone to join our three months season of fasting and praying which has started on January 1, 2010 ending on last day of March 2010. We shall get back to you on the information. It is arranged in such a way that you could participate wherever you are and number of days you wish. The result will be great, please do not miss it!